Join Conservatives for Liberty and three special guests as they shine a light into the murky world of political corruption and the open secrets of the intelligence community.

Together they will explain how dodgy European states use legal tools and the European Union’s principle of mutual trust and recognition to circumvent justice and take down political enemies – while other countries turn a blind eye.

John Howell is the Conservative MP for Henley, a long-serving member of the Justice Select Committee, and the leader of the UK delegation to the Council of Europe. A Parliamentarian for over a decade, his expertise includes European justice issues and human rights.

Alexander Adamescu is an aspiring playwright who, along with his family, is the victim of political persecution at the hands of corrupt Romanian politicians and officials. Despite Brexit, his extradition from London to Romania on a European Arrest Warrant has been ordered.

Dr August Hanning is the former President of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND). His career in intelligence started in East Germany and took him through the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. He then went on to lead the BND from 1998-2005.

Moderated by Emily Barley, chairman of Conservatives for Liberty.

Wednesday 16th June, 6pm, via Zoom

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