Today Due Process published the report ‘The future of extradition from the UK: Protecting fundamental rights, written by Emily Barley.

The UK must use the opportunity of Brexit to finally establish a system of extradition that respects fundamental human rights, protecting citizens and residents from corrupt, abusive foreign justice systems – including those within the EU. However, the government’s negotiating position amounts to an ‘EAW-lite’ system, which would not mitigate or address the failings at the heart of the EAW system.

In this report, Due Process argues that the only way to protect the rights of British citizens and fulfill the promise of Brexit is through a series of bilateral extradition agreements – based on the existing model of agreements with non-EU countries and pre-EAW treaties with EU countries – which take into account the varying strengths, weaknesses, and failings of different EU member states.

To find out more, read the full report: ‘The future of extradition from the UK: Protecting fundamental rights‘.

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